Part 6: New Lesson

The following questions are based on 'How You Got This Way', pages 18-50 of 'You Are A Badass!'

What are 3 limiting beliefs that you know you have? (chapter 1)


Do you know where these 3 beliefs came from (upbringing, family, friends, school)? (chapter 1)


Is your spirit and energy using your body for joyriding through this life? (page 30-31)


Why or why not?


How can you tap into your spirit and energy in a larger way, so that you can become a stronger Badass in your life journey? (page 34)


Are you feeling depressed or anxious? (page 35)


Based on the quote at the beginning of chapter 3, where are you living? (page 35)


When making massive positive changes in your life, who (in your circle) shows disapproval of your changes? (pages 43-44)


Are you determined enough to make the changes needed to become a Badass? (page 43)


If so, how are you going to stay accountable to you? (page 44)


Over the last 60-90 days, what hiccups have you noticed in your life and what did they tell you? (pages 46-47)


What is your self perception? (chapter 5)


After reading Part 1 and answering the above questions, what did you learn about yourself?


What are you needing to do or change in order to become a Badass?

Now that you have read Part 1 and completed the questions, it is time to read Part 2: How To Embrace Your Inner Badass