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Dive deeper into your business and life with one of Lou's online courses! You can find courses on time, money, mindset, business, and more. Whether you’re totally new to business or have been practicing for years, you can join Lou wherever you are. These courses are all created from programs that Lou has created for herself, her clients, and the women Lou mentors. You will even find some free resources below as well. ⏰ Make sure that you join Lou's online community for free on Discord: http://louclarke.info/discord

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What is Your Money Superpower?

Do you wish you could keep more money in your pockets? I've got news for you... It's not as hard as it seems to be. Lou has spent the last 10 years being the therapist between people and their money. She is also a Business Owner & Bookkeeper for 24 years where Lou manages Millions of dollars for her 60+ clients and is the CFO for selected small businesses.

While it may be tempting to just give up…To think that you have tried everything…But here’s the truth: You don't know your money personality type and how your personality type works best with money. In other words, You were not taught how to deal with money, you are having relationship issues with your money, and you don’t have the tools needed to create and keep money in your pockets.

The thing is, most people who are living check to check don’t have the slightest CLUE about their money personality, let alone how to use it to their advantage. If you’re reading along right now, nodding your head and thinking, “yes, this is me”, then take this FREE 45-second quiz to discover your money strengths, pinpoint the blind spots and unlock the hidden potential so you can position yourself to succeed with money. BONUS: Receive a FREE PDF with your results that includes some tips on moving forward in your superpower.



T-10 Money Mindset Reset

Did you know that you can change your thoughts, feelings, and even your relationship with money? Lou knows, because not only has she done it herself, but she has helped others do the exact same thing. In the T-10 Day Money Mindset Reset Lou offers actionable steps to create new perspectives and habits that can make a life-long difference when it comes to the money you have now and will earn ongoing. For the next 10-days, you will receive a daily email that includes one of Lou's money stories, an action for you to take, and a mantra for you to live by. These are all delivered to you in a short video directly from Lou. The program is easy peasy and simple to follow.

COST: $10

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52 Money Mantras

Lou created this digital booklet with an entire year in mind. These 52 mantras will help guide you to focus on what you REALLY want in life. Allow it to change your thoughts and feelings around money into fun, happy, and positive ones! With 52 mantras, you can simply focus on 1 mantra a week. To get your copy, click below and start your mantras today.

COST: $10


Building Confidence Like a Badass

If you have felt like there is a stronger, more confident version of you hiding inside, then you are not alone. Most women feel like they are hiding the best parts of themselves for fear of what others might think or say. The truth is that you cannot be the best you or give the best of yourself if you are not living your best life, full of confidence. In the Guided Study of the book, You Are A Badass, Lou helps you to dig deep into the riches of the pages that were written to revolutionize one's life. The author, Jen Sincero wrote the book in 5 parts. Lou will take you through all five parts of the book. This course includes a video message from Lou, along with multiple questions and exercises to help you gain more from this book than just simply reading it. This mini-course is a great way to receive support and to dive into the book so that you can become the BIGGEST BADASS you can!

COST: $20


Creating a Money Mindset Like a Badass

At some point in one's life there comes a time (or 2,3,5,1000) when money seems to be an issue. Meaning that there is not enough money to pay the bills, support our family, and do the things that we want to do in life. Maybe you have even been in a situation where you did not know how you were going to buy groceries for the week. Lou knows how it feels because she has been there and she knows that you no longer need to be there either. Now is the time to get to the root of the issues and begin to create an amazing and strong foundation to create a new relationship with money, your money. The best way to help you create a strong relationship with money is to guide you through a deep dive into the book You Are a Badass at Making Money. In this course, Lou has created 15 modules to help you to get the most out of this amazing book, so that you can begin living in the financial freedom that you have always wanted and that you so very well deserve.

COST: $47


30-Day Time Management Challenge

How would you like to never feel overwhelmed by your to-do list again? It is different for everyone, For some, it might mean creating a schedule. For others, it might be adjusting your mindset. And for many, it is a complete overhaul of how they manage their time. The energy, time, and life that you so desire are fueled by your time management strategies. When you have control over your time, your life becomes yours and you begin to live again. This 30-Day Time Management Challenge will help you do all this and more. For the next 30-days, you will be coached by Lou as she delivers the daily modules right into your email inbox. The program also includes some sweet bonuses, like a planner, a habit maker, an online community and more. Is now the time that you took back the control in your relationship with time?

COST: $30

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New Program Coming Soon!

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New Program Coming Soon!

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New Program Coming Soon!

Check back to see what Lou has in store.