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How would you like to never feel overwhelmed by your to-do list again?

<<< check out what Lou has to say about this whole time-schedule-life...thing!

The energy, time, and life that you so desire is fueled by your time management strategies. When you have control over your time, your life becomes yours and you begin to live again. This 30-Day Time Management Challenge will help you do all this and more.

It is different for everyone, For some, it might mean creating a schedule. For others, it might be adjusting your mindset. And for many, it is a complete overhaul on how they manage their time. But before I go into how the 30-day Time Management Challenge can help you, allow me to ask you a few questions…

Are you wondering where your day goes?

Does your to-do list get longer as the day goes on?

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed all the time?

Does your to-do list need its own to-do list?

Do you just wish that you could be more productive?

Do you wish that you could have said NO to projects that you have said yes to?

Do you go to bed thinking about everything you need to do the next day?

Are there days you wish you could just hide under the covers and just forget the day exists?

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If you answered YES to any of the above, then I would love to invite you to join me in the ‘30-Day Time Management Challenge’ so that you can create new strategies to have your time work for you. It is time that you took back the control.


This 30-Day Challenge will be delivered to you in 2 formats.

  1. via a daily email sent directly to your inbox
  2. via The Piggy Bank Program Vault portal

This way you have a daily reminder AND lifetime access to the program through the portal.

Here is what is included in the 30-Day Time Management Challenge program:

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30 Days of Coaching with Lou

The daily teachings are delivered directly into your email inbox. You will receive my stories, lessons, actionable items and more, every day, to help you create the habits, structure, and lifestyle that you so much desire for you, your family, and if you own a business... even your business. Each day is a coachable lesson and each day you will gain clarity, joy, and inspiration on creating a schedule that suits you & your life. You will FINALLY be in control of your schedule NOT the other way around!

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Q&A and Support in our Private Discord

Lou hosts an online chat through the Discord app where she connects with all course members. It is a collective of individuals that are on track to creating epic schedules, time management and happiness.

It is where Lou shares all her secrets, knowledge and programs so that others can create greatness in their lives. This includes LIVE Q&A sessions, new trainings and videos that will help you to succeed.



If you are ready to take control of your time & schedule so that you can knock out your to-do lists and find more time for the things you love than this is the program that will get you there!

For the next 30 days, AND BEYOND, I will hold your hand to help you get the results you are looking for.

Here Is More Info On The BONUSES!

Lous 12 Habits in 12 Months System

12 New Habits in 12 Months is a guide to a short exercise that will help you create new habits for the next 12-months.

This short exercise will last you an entire year. It will help you focus on 1 habit a month while working on 12 habits in total.

This guide will help you to completely change the areas of your life that you are not 1000% happy with and it is my gift to you.

It is a super easy guide to follow. The hardest part will be picking up the habit and carrying it daily. I know that you can do it.



Instructions on how to complete this simple exercise, which should take you approximately 15-minutes to complete.

To make it super easy, I have given you a 1-page template to fill out and place it somewhere you will see it often.

I even included some habits that can change your life, just in case you need some help deciding.

I included mantras for you to use to keep your head in the game

Tips to help you create the most epic habit system so that you can set yourself up for success!

Lou's The 4 D's of Emptying Your Brain Clutter

Does your brain ever feel completely full or so overloaded that you wish you could take your head off your shoulders and empty it? What if you could move on with your day, without thinking about all these items, tasks and plain old ‘things’?

Do you ever find it so hard to concentrate on the task at hand because you have so much going on inside your noggin?

Do you tend to forget about tasks and items on your to-do list until someone reminds you about them? Or maybe time has run out and it is too late, you missed the deadline, the schedule or better yet, you let someone down because you forgot?

What if I told you that you can unload all the ‘stuff’ in your brain; to organize it and place it all back into your brain, in a way that helps you to focus on the tasks that truly need your attention?

The 4 D's of Emptying Your Brain Clutter workbook takes you through the entire process of doing a brain dump.

It is SO important to remove every to-do item from your brain, sort it on paper, schedule it and then place it back in your noggin for safekeeping. Oh, and don't worry, this workbook is just 6 pages, so it won't take you long to complete AND this is a process that you will want to do every week.

Learn how to take control of your mind chatter, massive to-do lists and self-doubt, as I take you step by step through a brain dump. This process changed my life and now I want to share it with you.


2021 Badass Women Planner

The 2021 Badass Women Planner is designed to help you in all areas of your life, from your daily & monthly schedules to financial planning, meal planning and we included everything you need to crush your yearly & monthly goals.

What does the 2021 Badass Women Planner include:

  • a nice BADASS cover
  • thorough instructions on how to use the planner
  • 12-month goal sheet, to create goals for the year ahead
  • an idea parking lot, to jot down all the crazy ideas that you get for creating an epic life
    Each month includes:
  • a colouring/doodle sheet
  • a quote to get you pumped up for the month ahead
  • a monthly meal plan and weekly grocery lists
  • a financial calendar
  • a calendar to schedule (a month at a glance)
  • the 'That's A Wrap' sheet, where you look back on the month and reflect on your choices, habits and outcomes
    Each week includes:
  • Lou's brain dump (that she still does every week)
  • daily Today's Plan sheets, where you: make a daily choice, work on your to-do list, track your time and end your day in reviewing your goals and finishing with gratitude

You will also gain access to the Badass Women Group on Discord, where you can ask questions, receive support and accountability from others who have also purchased the planner.

2021 Badass Planner photo

Are you ready to join for just $1 a day?

Here are just a few successes from Badasses who have taken the program


Start taking control of your time today for just $1 a day!

A Bit About Lou Clarke

“Dream it, then jump and do it! Dreams don’t come true on their own. Even Cinderella had to ‘do something’… she went to the ball!”– Lou Clarke

Lou Clarke, Time & Profitability Strategist and the CFO to Small Businesses

Helping Women create more time and make more money while levelling up their mindset and confidence! ❤️

Going from $3.00 from bankruptcy to self-made Millionaire in 9-years, Lou (born Sara Lou) now shares everything that she and her husband, Roger, did to get to where they are now with those who are hungry for financial change. Her story is not a "rags to riches" story because Lou did not grow up poor. In fact, her family always seem to have enough money and they never went without. But growing up Lou also was not taught how to begin, nurture, and grow an intimate relationship with money, which is why she and Roger got into a financial mess within their first 5 years of marriage, while raising 2 sons with a 3rd on the way. Simply put they spent more than they made, but bigger than that Lou lost a $4,000 a month contract weeks after moving into a larger home, with a much bigger mortgage payment. There were times when the money would run out before the month was over... "more month than money" Lou would always say. The day when Lou & Roger realized that they only had $3.00 in their pocket was the day everything changed.

Fast forward to 9 years later to 2015 and Lou & Roger purchased their 6,000sqft dream home for pennies on the dollar and were continuing to make money work for them in so many ways. Now, 5 years later, their home is valued at well over a million dollars, they have no credit card debt, and with multiple 6-figures in the bank and schooling for their 4 boys is paid for, Lou & Roger continue to manifest everything they want and desire, all because they fixed their mindset and created a loving relationship with money. They learned a lot of tools, tips and tricks when it comes to living an abundant life.

Lou is now on a mission to teach everything she has learned and has exercised over the last 14 years so that others can take her shortcuts and get the results that truly desire a lot quicker than she did. Lou has helped her clients to learn to live off of cash, increase their income, increase their credit scores, and she has also helped them to find money in their everyday life. Lou has also helped people to save money for fun, remove consumer debt, and build a strong relationship with money. But most of all Lou has helped women become confident in their money habits and abilities to know that they have what it takes to make money work for them.

A personal note from Lou "Do we have a home investment loan… yes. Do we have car loans… 2 to be exact. But we are not looking for change in the couch to be able to make the payments. I am just like you, working on living a happy and comfortable life and wanting to better my situation on a daily basis. I am touchable, I am relatable and I am just like you… working my ASS off to make my future brighter! If I did this, trust me you can too. I am not special or privileged. I simply worked the knowledge that I learned and that anyone can do, if they are willing."

Lou has been an entrepreneur for 23 years & owns multiple income streams. She is a wife to Roger for 20 years and they are teenage sweethearts. Lou is the proudest Mom to 4 boys, ages 11, 14, 16 & 18. She has a vest for life and understands that "You only get 1 life, so make it count"!

Remember, Life is Amazing…and so are YOU!


Lou Clarke

Is it "TIME" to join us?

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